Looking much older?

Sorry, I thought you were her grandparents…


Did you know that missing teeth makes you look older than you are? Missing even a couple of teeth can cause premature aging. Typically, as we age, we lose facial height—our lower face collapses in on itself. Missing teeth accelerate the facial changes which occur naturally over time, causing premature sagging, drooping and vertical lines between the nose and lips, making us appear older than we are.

Most dentures made without dental implants to retain are made shorter than the natural teeth and bone they are trying to replace. This is an attempt to minimize the top heavy effect that means unstable, loose fitting denture. With dental implants holding the denture stable the denture can be designed properly for both form (beauty) and function (eat anything).

Your face needs the support of all of your teeth—once you are missing one or more teeth, wrinkles and sagging are accelerated—putting you at risk for being perceived as being much older than you are!

No one we know wants to look older than they have to—implants will support your facial structure so that you keep your youthful looks as long as possible.

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