Replacing All Your Teeth


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Do you know how many people face losing all their teeth in the near future to periodontal disease?



If you are one of those and need to replace all your teeth, Dr. Singleton will provide you with all the information you need to make a decision.

In the past, the traditional approach to replacing a complete set of missing teeth was dentures. They are not the ideal solution as they can slip, slide and sometimes even fall out. And you end up messing around with adhesives, creams and pastes to try to fix the problem.

The problems with dentures can include:

  • Lack of confidence – oops, there they go again!
  • Restricted eating – food is one of life’s greatest pleasures – do you want to be limited in what you can eat?
  • Pain – they can rub on the sides of your mouth, causing sore spots
  • Ongoing bone loss - less and less bone to hold the denture in place over time, with a higher risk of jaw fracture

With dental implants, you can be at ease, knowing: You can sing, smile, talk, laugh and eat without having to worry.

Dental Implants are the closest thing to natural teeth.

For more information on implants, go to IMPLANT FAQs.

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