Non Removable Implants

Just like Mother Nature intended


In the best of all worlds, we would keep our own teeth and they would last a lifetime. But we now live longer and for many of us, our teeth don’t last as long as we do.

So, if you are missing teeth or your dentures are slipping and sliding, causing sore spots in your mouth and food is getting stuck, Singleton Dental Implants right here in the Okanagan provides a Beautiful, Affordable and Local solution.


Get back to looking natural again!

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a beautiful smile. With non-removable implants, you no longer have to wish you had one. You’ll have a permanent grin on your face.

With implants, you will look like you have all your own teeth. They are permanent, long-lasting and they are healthier for your oral health and the rest of your body than missing teeth or dentures.


Kiss your problems good-bye (we couldn’t resist)

If you are a good candidate for implants, you can kiss the problems missing teeth and dentures cause good-bye! You won’t need to remove them every day like dentures and you sleep in them (they’re non-removable!) Wave good-bye to the social embarrassment, the inconvenient of dentures, messy adhesives and say hello again to favourite foods, chatty conversation and a relaxed and confident you.


Make your life easier with implants.

If you can’t have the real thing, the next best thing is the real-looking thing.

For more information on implants, go to IMPLANT FAQs.

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