Know the facts

Sorry, I thought you were her grandparents…


Missing even a couple of teeth can cause premature aging. Typically, as we age, we lose facial height—our lower face collapses in on itself. Missing teeth accelerate the facial changes which occur naturally over time, causing premature sagging, drooping and vertical lines between the nose and lips, making us appear older than we are.


Regain your confidence

If you’re missing some or all of your teeth, implants are the ideal solution, allowing you to be completely comfortable and confident. No more worrying when you chew or eat, laugh at a good joke or talk to someone you’ve just met. You can break out into a song without a worry in the world!


Is your health at risk?

Broken or chipped teeth provide an ideal growing environment for bacteria to form, while dentures can slip and cause sore spots on the gums. Denture wearers also need to beware of plaque that may build-up and irritate the tissues underneath, causing the gums to recede. Dentures also need to be checked regularly for fit, as the shape of the mouth continually changes.

In both cases, health problems can arise from gum recession and loss of the bones that support the teeth. When your gums recede and the bones begin to shrink, you are at risk of developing periodontal disease, which can have serious and in some cases, life-threatening consequences for your health.

The infection in your gums from periodontal disease can spread to other parts of your body, and potentially cause or contribute to:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke
  • Reduced effectiveness of insulin for diabetics
  • Lowered birth weight in babies
  • Respiratory problems
  • Osteoporosis


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